Thursday, February 26, 2009

Got some good shooting time in today

My brother stopped by today and we had a nice shooting session in the backyard. He is pretty new to airguns and is still trying to figure out which kind of guns he likes to shoot the most. He's decided that out of springers, pumpers and CO2 that he likes the CO2 guns best. So, he spent most of the day shooting my 2240 "poor man's" match rifle. Before you know it, he was getting so comfortable shooting with it that he was stacking pellets. Pretty damn good for a guy who hasn't shot guns much in his lifetime.

We have my usual 12-15 yards to shoot within so, it's not too much of a challenge if you shoot rested. Offhand and sitting positions proved to be more of a challenge for such a short distance.

We spent over 3 hours slinging lead as fast as we could load and pull the trigger. Him feeding my 2240 with Beeman FTS and me slinging Beeman Bearcubs with my open sighted Crosman Quest with GTX trigger installed.

I started off with the cheap Centerpoint 4x32 scope that comes with the Quest, but after watching the POI change all over the place with each shot, coupled with the fact I couldn't get the cheap scope to focus I eventually removed the scope and just went with the open fiber optic stock sights. That is when I actually started having fun shooting the Quest. I was amazed at how tame the gun has become once it is broken in. It took about 250 rounds through it before it finally settled down and started to group really well. I found that my Quest shoots Beeman Bearcubs the best, lucky me since they are a cheapo pellet that I have tons of. I was shooting .25" groups CTC with the Quest rested at 15 yards using the stock fiber optic sights. The POI was consistent and I couldn't ask for much better from a $100 Chinese made springer.

I must say I am extremely pleased with the GTX trigger I have installed in my Quest. I bought the trigger from Skyler at PSP Airguns back when they were still selling the aftermarket parts(HDDs and GTX triggers). This one modification will make your Quest or Gamo shoot like a different gun. The stock triggers on these guns are VERY stiff at over 5lbs of pull. The GTX reduces that down to around 2lbs with a true 2 stage design. You can easily feel each stage as you slowly squeeze the trigger. First a nice easy, short pull with the 1st stage and then a slight resistance as you hit the 2nd stage. Once you hit that 2nd stage the slightest squeeze of the trigger causes the sear to let go with a feeling that can only be described as breaking glass. Very crisp and consistent each time. I really love this trigger design and the difference it makes in these cheap springers is unbelievable, you truly have to experience the difference yourself to believe how nice it is. If you have a Quest or Gamo that can use the GTX or MicroGTX trigger mod, GET IT. You don't know what you are missing out on.

Overall, it was a fun day punching paper in the backyard with family while at the same time, helping to get another person into this great sport of airgunning. I have to think I was successful in recruiting my brother into the airgun world since by the end of the session he was talking about "building his own" CO2 gun. :) I love it!

Sorry for no pics today, but we have all seen holes in paper before and I was just having too much fun shooting to be bothered snapping pictures in the middle of it all hehe.

Until next time, happy shooting!

P.S. I will be posting some new pics of my guns soon with some of the new aftermarket goodies I have purchased but haven't installed yet. That alloy roller trigger from Grant is gonna be SWEET.