Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Crosman 2240 Carbine

I finally finished my Crosman 2240 Carbine conversion today. This used to be the 2240 "Poor Man's" Match Rifle but I never really liked the look or feel of that gun, although it shot like a dream. So I decided to convert it over to a carbine with detachable stock so it is compact, plus I like the looks a lot better in this configuration. I still have accuracy testing to do on the gun and to get some chrony numbers as well, that will come next. If it shoots as well as the other guns I have put together, I should be a happy man. ;)

Here is a list of the parts that went into the gun to make up it's current configuration.

Crosman 2240 pistol
Crosman 14" .22cal barrel
Crosman steel breech
Mac1 .22cal brass bolt with extended probe and 90 durometer urethane oring
Big Ed hammer debounce device(HDD)
Boss 12 gram valve(bored for increased volume and lighter valve spring)
Muzzle Mack 2240 to Tippman stock adapter(detachable) with power adjuster
A.C. Custom Parts 1" dia. polished aluminum barrel shroud(13.5" long)
Michael Chavka bedlinered 2240 tactical target grips
Tippman RAP4 telescopic stock
Stace wide alloy barrel band
Stace alloy roller trigger
Stace stainless steel winged CO2 cap
Stace stainless steel safety
Leapers Golden Image 3-9x32mm AO scope
Leapers Accushot 1" med. profile rings
TKO trigger spring, guide and sear pin
Charles Mellon over sized bolt handle
Stainless steel socket head screws
Jeff Schock stainless steel breech screw

That's about it. I'll get some performance figures up here soon, once I have had a chance to test it out some. I think this is going to be a real fun little shooter! Here are a few pics of it.