Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crosman 1322 Carbine

Sorry for such a lapse in posts on the blog, I had some real life things to attend to. Now, back to the guns!

Here is my custom Crosman 1322 Carbine(yes I love carbines in case you haven't noticed), which is a converted 1377c. I added a 14" .22cal barrel from Mac1 Airguns, an RJ Machine long steel breech, some maple RB Grips, a nice bent wire stock from Michael Chavka and a beautiful polished brass barrel shroud from A.C. Custom Parts.

This gun loves FTS in .22cal and will stack them at 20 yards. I've done no power mods to this one, but I have a flat top piston and valve from A.C. Custom Parts that I will drop in the gun at a later time. It's very comfortable to shoulder with Michael's nice wire stock, so I am able to get the best offhand groups as possible. Except for the flat top setup, this one is done.

Here is a full list of the aftermarket parts/mods that are on the gun.

Crosman 1377c pistol
Crosman 14" .22cal barrel cut, crowned and leade polished by Tim @ Mac1 Airguns
RJ Machine long steel breech(right handed) with brass extended probe bolt
Michael Chavka bent wire stock
A.C. Custom Parts 7/8" dia. polished brass barrel shroud(10" long)
RB Grips maple target grips and super pumper in high gloss
Stace alloy trigger
Art Braden brass safety
BSA 30mm red dot sight
TKO trigger spring, guide and sear pin

The accuracy is spot on with this gun, now I just need to up the power with the flat top. Here are a few pics for you to enjoy.