Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Crosman 2240 Carbine

I finally finished my Crosman 2240 Carbine conversion today. This used to be the 2240 "Poor Man's" Match Rifle but I never really liked the look or feel of that gun, although it shot like a dream. So I decided to convert it over to a carbine with detachable stock so it is compact, plus I like the looks a lot better in this configuration. I still have accuracy testing to do on the gun and to get some chrony numbers as well, that will come next. If it shoots as well as the other guns I have put together, I should be a happy man. ;)

Here is a list of the parts that went into the gun to make up it's current configuration.

Crosman 2240 pistol
Crosman 14" .22cal barrel
Crosman steel breech
Mac1 .22cal brass bolt with extended probe and 90 durometer urethane oring
Big Ed hammer debounce device(HDD)
Boss 12 gram valve(bored for increased volume and lighter valve spring)
Muzzle Mack 2240 to Tippman stock adapter(detachable) with power adjuster
A.C. Custom Parts 1" dia. polished aluminum barrel shroud(13.5" long)
Michael Chavka bedlinered 2240 tactical target grips
Tippman RAP4 telescopic stock
Stace wide alloy barrel band
Stace alloy roller trigger
Stace stainless steel winged CO2 cap
Stace stainless steel safety
Leapers Golden Image 3-9x32mm AO scope
Leapers Accushot 1" med. profile rings
TKO trigger spring, guide and sear pin
Charles Mellon over sized bolt handle
Stainless steel socket head screws
Jeff Schock stainless steel breech screw

That's about it. I'll get some performance figures up here soon, once I have had a chance to test it out some. I think this is going to be a real fun little shooter! Here are a few pics of it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Started the modifications on my 2240

Today I had an opportunity to work on my 2240 for a bit. I started on the mods I talked about in my previous blog post and got a couple of them done. I installed a 12 gram Boss high performance valve and I swapped the 24" .22cal barrel for a 14" .22cal barrel. Now it's ready for the custom polished aluminum shroud from A.C. and a new scope! I will probably order the scope and shroud within the next couple of days and install them soon after they arrive. Then it's on to accuracy testing and some chrony numbers. The shot count won't be great with the Boss valve but I do have an HDD installed that will help offset some of the wasted gas. It should make for a nice compact hunter with a little bit of punch to it. I know it will look nice as well with all the custom bits and pieces I have on the gun. I'll take some new photos and post them once I have it all together.

Stay tuned for more...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Going to change up the 2240 "Poor Man's" match rifle

I've been wanting to change my 2240 from it's match rifle configuration to either a carbine or pistol. It has a detachable stock on it as of now, so I can actually have a dual configuration just like my 1740 "Raven" and my 1377 "Ultra Carbine", both of which I like very much. I sold the Williams peep sight and the aluminum brake with the Lyman globe since I have no use for them anymore. I will swap the 24" .22cal barrel for a 14" .22cal barrel and probably shroud it. I still haven't decided on what type of shroud I want yet, it will either be all black or polished aluminum. The gun is all black with polished aluminum and stainless steel accent pieces, so I am thinking a nice polished aluminum shroud from A.C. Custom Parts may be just the ticket for it. As far as sights, I am going to go with a compact 3-9x32 scope, maybe one of the new Bug Busters? I love red dot sights but I already have them on 3 of my guns, so I want to scope this one instead. It should look pretty nice once I am done with the changes. Here is what it looks like now, stay tuned for the "after" photos!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Here's how my 1377 "Ultra Carbine" performs

Ok guys, I finally got you some numbers with the A.C. Custom parts flat top piston and valve installed. I have a 10 shot string I shot over my chrony and a few shots at higher pump levels as well to see the power increase. I am pretty happy with it considering it's using a stock 10.1" barrel and stock transfer port.

First for a little info on what the gun has installed that would possibly affect the power, then the numbers. It has a Crosman steel breech and a Mac1 brass bolt with extended probe and 90 durometer urethane o-ring. It has a blued steel Stace barrel band with a solid dowel pivot pin and c clips. I'm using a stock transfer port and of course an A.C. Custom Parts aluminum flat top piston and power modded flat top valve with his power hammer spring and guide. The barrel is a bone stock 10.1" Crosman 1377c .177cal barrel. Nothing would really affect the power at all over stock except maybe the extended probe(maybe 5-10fps) and definitely the piston/valve. Before adding A.C.'s parts I was getting 510 FPS on 10 pumps using 7.9gr CPLs. After installing his parts I am now getting an average of 627 FPS on 10 pumps using the same 7.9gr pellets. That's an increase of 117 FPS!! Then I pumped it up 15 times and took a shot, 705 FPS!! Then I tried 20 pumps, 760 FPS!!! Then I tried 25 pumps, 790FPS!!!!! All with a 10.1" barrel, stock transfer port using 7.9gr CPLs. To me, that is nothing short of AMAZING. Anyone looking for a power increase should start with the flat top piston/valve set up first and foremost. Absolutely incredible.

I stopped at 25 pumps, because the valve was starting to retain some air and I knew I was reaching the limit of what that set up could do. I am totally impressed with it now. This one's a keeper! Here are some numbers for you.

Here is a 10 shot string using 7.9gr CPLs and pumping 10 times per shot. The consistency is amazing as well with only a 7 FPS extreme spread! That's good enough for Pistol FT use right there!

Hi 630 FPS
Lo 623 FPS
Avg. 627 FPS
ES 7.24 FPS
SD 2.64 FPS


Hope you enjoy your 1377 as much as I do!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

1377 "Ultra Carbine" now complete!

I got out the tools and new parts this week and finished the upgrades on my 1377 "Ultra Carbine". The installation of the new aluminum flat top piston and valve that I got from A.C. Custom Parts went smoothly. Alejandro has very good instructions on his site on how to install his pistons and valves. If you just follow the directions, you can't really mess it up. I hear a lot of guys complaining about cut o-rings when installing them, but if you just debur the tube really well with some sand paper wrapped around a 1/2" dowel, you can't go wrong.

I haven't run any shots across my chrony yet, but judging by the pellet penetration in wood and by the increased noise I would say that my gun is now shooting ~50% faster than it was with a stock piston/valve. I'll get you guys some numbers soon to show the results. It dumps 15 pumps no problem. I haven't tried any more than that but I will just for fun when I break out the chronograph. I did notice that the first 5 or so pumps are much easier to do than stock. Once you get over 10 pumps the force required to pump the gun increases quite a bit as I expected it to.

I'm definitely going to have some fun testing this gun and my other 2 pumpers once I get the pistons/valves installed in them too. Thanks go out again to Alejandro for all his help and his excellent parts. You've taken my gun to the next level!

Here's a few shots of the gun now that it's finished. Have a great time shooting and go build yourself a custom Crosman, they are loads of fun!

Friday, April 16, 2010

You want performance? You got it!

Being that my home range is of limited distance(15 meters), when building my custom 13XXs I was never that concerned with how fast my gun was shooting. I figured if I could hit anything within my range accurately, that was more important. Because of that, I saved the power mods on my guns as the last thing that I would ever do to them. I finally have them where I want them cosmetically so now it's time to up the power!

I placed an order with Alejandro at A.C. Custom Parts for 3 aluminum flat top adjustable pistons, 3 aluminum flat top power modded valves, 3 power hammer springs with guides and a polished brass goody that will be coming separately. Everything came today and of course, I was like a kid on Christmas. Alejandro's machine work looks excellent upon inspection. I am excited to get these installed and see what my guns will put out with the upgrade. I will be posting some before and after chrony numbers for all you guys out there into the performance mods so stay tuned.

Thank you Alejandro!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The finishing touch on my custom Crosman 2250

Two weeks ago I finally ordered the last bit to finish off my custom Crosman 2250, some nice wood. I contacted Ralph Brown at RB Grips to purchase a Zebrawood stock insert and matching forearm. Well, today it arrived!

I couldn't wait to get it unwrapped and mounted on my gun so I could take a few pics to show you guys. I think they(the wood) came out really nice in my opinion. I wanted a wood to go well with the brass bits on my gun and I thought Zebrawood in high gloss would do the job well. What do you think? Here are a few pics I took of my now finished gun.

Thanks for the beautiful wood Ralph!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Well Joe, you did it again!

I got a nice new Tippman 98 to Crosman 22XX stock adapter from Joe at Muzzle Mack and this thing is sweet! I asked Joe to add a power adjuster to my adapter so I could set the preload on the hammer spring and it works perfect. I had no problems installing the adapter to the gun or the stock to the adapter. I ordered a AR/CAR type stock on Amazon for $10. It's a neat little stock for the money and the LOP is fully adjustable, which I liked.

This setup may look totally unconventional, but I think that's why I like it so much. You kind of either love it or you hate it. ;) It actually works pretty good with the peep sight and match globe combo. After I installed everything I took it out back and shot a few rounds, just to make sure it was all working ok. I like where my eye placement was in relation to the sights and was able to hold a small group offhand at 15 meters. We have a winner!

So when you put it all together, you get this. My 2240 "Poor Man's" match rifle. I think I am finally happy with this one and will leave it like it is.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I liked it so much, I ordered another one!

Joe McAllister's Delrin take down stocks are one of the best aftermarket parts I have purchased thus far for any of my custom builds. I liked the one he made for my 1377 "Ultra Carbine" so much, that I had to order another one. This time it would be for my 1740 "Raven". I had him make a built in power adjuster for the adapter so I could adjust my hammer spring preload easily. All I have to do is remove the stock by loosening the finger screw and on the back of the adapter is the adjuster which can be turned up or down using an allen wrench. Very convenient and hidden at the same time, I like it. He also included a cap to cover the adapter when the stock is removed, for those times I want to shoot it as a pistol. The stock fits me just perfect with a 12" LOP and my eye placement is spot on for the red dot sight I use. Very comfortable and very light.

Thanks to Joe for making me one to my specifications, it's perfect. If you are interested in checking out Joe's aftermarket Crosman parts you can see them at muzzlemack.com.

Here is a couple of photos of it installed on my 1740 "Raven".

Edit: Joe asked me if I would let you all know that he is getting ready for a move and will not be able to finish any stocks other than the ones he has right now, until he gets moved and set back up again. He said he's leaving in less than 45 days, so give him some time to get things back up and running and he will be in full production again.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Daisy 102

I know it's not a Crosman, but I got a nice little Daisy model 102 recently from the same gentleman that sent me the Crosman 760 a while back. Again, Gerald was unbelievably generous in offering this rifle for free to a good home. Well, I have a good home and so I took him up on his offer.

Once again the gun arrived double boxed and packed super well. Also he had just had the gun resealed and overhauled right before he sent it to me, just as he had done with the Crosman 760. He told me that a heavier than stock mainspring was used in the overhaul. He also said it was from the mid 70s I believe. Gerald, you are too kind and what else can I say about you? You are definitely a sight for sore eyes in the airgun community. Thanks again, I'll take good care of her!

Here are a few photos of the rifle that I quickly took. It's definitely the oldest gun that I now own. Here's a look...