Friday, October 15, 2010

Going to change up the 2240 "Poor Man's" match rifle

I've been wanting to change my 2240 from it's match rifle configuration to either a carbine or pistol. It has a detachable stock on it as of now, so I can actually have a dual configuration just like my 1740 "Raven" and my 1377 "Ultra Carbine", both of which I like very much. I sold the Williams peep sight and the aluminum brake with the Lyman globe since I have no use for them anymore. I will swap the 24" .22cal barrel for a 14" .22cal barrel and probably shroud it. I still haven't decided on what type of shroud I want yet, it will either be all black or polished aluminum. The gun is all black with polished aluminum and stainless steel accent pieces, so I am thinking a nice polished aluminum shroud from A.C. Custom Parts may be just the ticket for it. As far as sights, I am going to go with a compact 3-9x32 scope, maybe one of the new Bug Busters? I love red dot sights but I already have them on 3 of my guns, so I want to scope this one instead. It should look pretty nice once I am done with the changes. Here is what it looks like now, stay tuned for the "after" photos!

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