Saturday, March 27, 2010

Well Joe, you did it again!

I got a nice new Tippman 98 to Crosman 22XX stock adapter from Joe at Muzzle Mack and this thing is sweet! I asked Joe to add a power adjuster to my adapter so I could set the preload on the hammer spring and it works perfect. I had no problems installing the adapter to the gun or the stock to the adapter. I ordered a AR/CAR type stock on Amazon for $10. It's a neat little stock for the money and the LOP is fully adjustable, which I liked.

This setup may look totally unconventional, but I think that's why I like it so much. You kind of either love it or you hate it. ;) It actually works pretty good with the peep sight and match globe combo. After I installed everything I took it out back and shot a few rounds, just to make sure it was all working ok. I like where my eye placement was in relation to the sights and was able to hold a small group offhand at 15 meters. We have a winner!

So when you put it all together, you get this. My 2240 "Poor Man's" match rifle. I think I am finally happy with this one and will leave it like it is.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I liked it so much, I ordered another one!

Joe McAllister's Delrin take down stocks are one of the best aftermarket parts I have purchased thus far for any of my custom builds. I liked the one he made for my 1377 "Ultra Carbine" so much, that I had to order another one. This time it would be for my 1740 "Raven". I had him make a built in power adjuster for the adapter so I could adjust my hammer spring preload easily. All I have to do is remove the stock by loosening the finger screw and on the back of the adapter is the adjuster which can be turned up or down using an allen wrench. Very convenient and hidden at the same time, I like it. He also included a cap to cover the adapter when the stock is removed, for those times I want to shoot it as a pistol. The stock fits me just perfect with a 12" LOP and my eye placement is spot on for the red dot sight I use. Very comfortable and very light.

Thanks to Joe for making me one to my specifications, it's perfect. If you are interested in checking out Joe's aftermarket Crosman parts you can see them at

Here is a couple of photos of it installed on my 1740 "Raven".

Edit: Joe asked me if I would let you all know that he is getting ready for a move and will not be able to finish any stocks other than the ones he has right now, until he gets moved and set back up again. He said he's leaving in less than 45 days, so give him some time to get things back up and running and he will be in full production again.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Daisy 102

I know it's not a Crosman, but I got a nice little Daisy model 102 recently from the same gentleman that sent me the Crosman 760 a while back. Again, Gerald was unbelievably generous in offering this rifle for free to a good home. Well, I have a good home and so I took him up on his offer.

Once again the gun arrived double boxed and packed super well. Also he had just had the gun resealed and overhauled right before he sent it to me, just as he had done with the Crosman 760. He told me that a heavier than stock mainspring was used in the overhaul. He also said it was from the mid 70s I believe. Gerald, you are too kind and what else can I say about you? You are definitely a sight for sore eyes in the airgun community. Thanks again, I'll take good care of her!

Here are a few photos of the rifle that I quickly took. It's definitely the oldest gun that I now own. Here's a look...