Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1377 "UltraCarbine"

Last week I ordered myself a Delrin detachable stock from Joe McAllister at MuzzleMack. It came yesterday and I was eager to try it out so I immediately opened it and installed it on my 1377 to create what I call the 1377 "UltraCarbine".

I love it. It's extremely functional, well built, looks incredible and feels perfect! Once I had it installed I went out in the back to shoot a few rounds and I was sold. It places the red/green dot right where I need it and the LOP is perfect at 12". I was able to easily hold well under 1" at 15 yards shooting offhand without trying very hard. It just makes the gun plain comfortable to shoot. Absolutely worth the money IMO and I think it looks great. What do you think?

I got out and shot it again today and I like it even more. Seems like the more I shoot it the more I like this setup. Today I was shooting 1/2" groups offhand at 15 yards with ease. It's lightweight, compact and accurate as all get out. This gun has all stock internals aside from a Mac1 bolt with extended probe and steel handle. I have a Crosman steel breech installed to mount the Leapers red/green dot. It has a full trigger tune with TKO pins and trigger spring with guide all polished and molyed and topped off with a MountainAir trigger shoe. Makes for a very smooth crisp trigger pull at under 2 lbs. Grips and pump arm are Walnut ambi grips with Walnut super pumper arm made by Ralph Brown at RBGrips. This was the very first set of aftermarket grips I had purchased. I find the ambi grips to be very comfortable for my size hands(large). Next addition will be to replace the stock trigger blade with one from Grant Stace like I have on some of my other guns. Just waiting for him to finish the next batch.

This is the perfect little backyard hunter/target gun if you are shooting under 20 yards. If I needed more range I would get a flat top piston setup for more power. But at 15 yards, it's not necessary. This gun loves RWS Basic pellets at 7.0gr. They are perfect for close range hunting of small game and even better for punching paper and plinking at tin cans. Not to mention they are inexpensive pellets as well and all my .177 guns like them.

If you are looking for an aftermarket wire type stock for your 13XX/22XX project, I highly recommend Joe. At the time of me writing this post he's the only one making these types of stocks for sale for the Crosmans as far as I know. Get one, you won't be disappointed.

Until next time, keep on shootin'!