Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lots of tinkering today

I finally got around to installing some of the goodies I have gotten for my guns in the last few months. I am extremely pleased with the way the triggers feel now with Grant's wide brass and alloy triggers installed, along with TKO trigger kits. It is a perfect combo that makes for a very smooth, light pull with no slop. The pull is somewhere under 2 lbs. now. The roller trigger is especially nice and you can certainly feel a difference in how smooth the trigger feels compared to the others. Of course the roller triggers are based on Grant's wide blade design, so you get the nice comfortable trigger surface without the need for a trigger shoe. With the TKO kit and Grant's trigger all of the slop from the stock trigger group is now gone.

These were just prototypes that he made of the roller and I think they need to go into full production now. I believe many would agree with me that these are a huge improvement over a stock Crosman 13XX/22XX trigger. I told him that I would like the roller triggers on all of my Crosmans.

I also installed the wide alloy barrel band that I got from Mr. Stace on my 2240. I must say it looks great on my gun, i'm really happy with the looks. It's also so beefy that it really does a great job of supporting the barrel/breech. Top notch airgun bling, thanks Grant!

I bought a DPH(dual power hammer) from Ken Amos at CrustyBs around Christmas that I hadn't installed yet. I put that in my 2250 today and it looks and seems to work just fine. I had no time to run it over a chrony yet to see the numbers or to get the shot count with it installed. I will have to give a more detailed review of it when i get a chance to shoot it instead of just dry fire it. You can definitely feel the seperate sear engagements for low and high power. I also like the fact that the act of cocking the hammer and opening the bolt are now decoupled. It's just easier to cock the hammer with a rear handle and it's safer as well since you don't have to cock the hammer until after you load the pellet. It is supposed to dramatically improve shot count per CO2 powerlet. This is because there is no longer hammer bounce with the DPH so it conserves air that is normally wasted when the stock hammer repeatedly bounces the valve open after you fire each shot. It should also affect the noise level, again this is because there is no more wasted CO2 from hammer bounce which creates a lot of extra "pop" so it should be quieter. It looks great and if it does what it's supposed to do then I will be very happy with the results. More to come...

Here are a few photos of the newly installed parts.