Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One of the nicest customs I have seen(built by Ernie Fuentes)

Ernie Fuentes aka Ernie The Eyeball built this beautiful custom 2240 to use as a 10M match pistol. This without a doubt is one of the nicest customs I have seen out there. Custom match grips by Steve Corcoran and many other custom mods such as a match brake, match barrel and a prototype trigger adjuster. Very nice custom sight setup on this one too.

He has since sold this fine gun to feed another need, but we all thought he was crazy! Believe me if I had the money at the time I would have bought this gun from him in a heartbeat. Gotta love it!

In the future when Steve Corcoran starts making grips for the 22XX/13XX guns again, I will be looking into a set of his match grips to build my ownmatch pistol similar to Ernie's old gun. Until then I can only dream. ;)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tested out the power adjuster on my 2240

I finally got a chance to shoot my 2240 after I installed Art's power adjuster on it. I must say that this little accessory was worth every penny, not only does it look great, but it works great as well. With the power adjuster installed I was able to get about an extra 50 FPS out of my gun. I get an average of 625 FPS shooting Beeman FTS 14.6gr with the power adjuster turned up 3/4 of the way. If I turn it up to the max I can get a bit higher but the shot consistancy drops, I got a shot of 639 FPS with it turned all the way up. If I turn it down to the lowest setting I get around 500 FPS, which is nice for plinking at the target and conserving CO2.

In the 2nd picture below you can see the high power setting shot I got of 639 FPS. In the 3rd picture below you can see a 5 shot group I got with the adjuster 3/4 of the way turned up at an average of 625 FPS. I am very pleased with this new addition to my gun, I highly recommend getting one for your 22XX if you are looking to either increase power or increase shot count or both.

Happy Shooting!

P.S. All of these chrony numbers were taken using Beeman FTS 14.6gr pellets.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Organization of Ammo

Here is how I like to organize my ammo for my bench shooting and testing of pellets. I found that using these segmented compartments works really well for easy identification of the ammo. It's nice also, since you have many types of pellets right at your fingertips and you can use whatever you like, without having to open up a bunch of different tins at once. They work well for storage also. Right now I have a box for .177 cal and a box for .22 cal. I picked them up at Big 5 Sporting Goods for $1.99 each in the tackle section. They are pretty sturdy for plastic containers, so no worry about them falling apart on me. I started off with only two of them to see how they worked out. Since I like them, I plan on getting a couple more so when I have more of a variety of pellets on hand I can have all of them sorted in these containers. Really handy IMO.

All of the pellets in these containers have been lubed with Krytech paraffin based lubricant using the towel method as described on Mac1's website. They keep my barrels nice and clean and when I need to clean them(rarely), all I have to do is run dry patches through. Helps a tad with velocity and accuracy, although this is disputed by some folks. I know that lubed pellets don't work as well in springers but since all of my current airguns are pumpers or CO2 I feel this is the way to go.

.177 cal pellets:

.22 cal pellets:

Monday, May 14, 2007

Some shooting I did a while back with my guns

Yes it's true, they aren't just for me to look at. I do shoot these guns often, when the weather is cooperative. I live in sunny Southern California, but sometimes it's quite windy here so I tend to not like to shoot in those conditions, because if you can't hit your target then what's the point?

Here are some of the results of my shooting about 2 months ago, before some of the recent mods were done(especially the 2240 and 1377 carbine).

1377 Carbine:



Friday, May 11, 2007

Here is my favorite gun my Crosman 1377 Carbine

This was the first airgun I purchased and modified. It started as a stock 1377c(phase 3). I have done a lot of mods to this gun and I absolutely love the way it looks and shoots. Here is a list of the modifications I have done to date:

16" Crosman .177 cal barrel prepped and crowned by Tim McMurray at Mac1 Airguns
RJ Machine steel breech milled with cutouts for open sights by Robert Jones
RJ Machine .177 cal bolt with extended probe and large handle by Robert Jones
RBGrips Walnut Replacement style grips with Walnut super pumper forearm by Ralph Brown
Carbon fiber muzzle brake by Larry Rollins
Custom aluminum wire frame stock by Gil Irvin
Leapers 'Bugbuster 2' 6x32AO mildot scope with dual illuminated reticle(red or green)
Accushot medium profile scope mounts
Crosman custom black trigger shoe
Ernie's trigger spring by Ernie Fuentes
Barrel band modifications done by me with a dremel

I get about 610 FPS and 5.76 FPE with RWS Diabolo Basic 7.0gr on 10 pumps. There are no internal mods to this gun so there is a lot of room for improvement in the power department. I am mostly interested in accuracy at fairly short distances with this gun though. I may do some power mods to it one day such as some valve mods and a flat top adjustable piston. Right now I am perfectly happy with it's performance though. I believe this is my most accurate gun by far.

My Crosman 2240(poor man's match rifle)

I purchased this gun from a classified ad earlier this year and have done some mods to it since then. When I received it it had bone stock internals, a 24" barrel and a Crosman steel breech. It also came with the Williams peep sight and the Lyman globe front sight and custom muzzle brake(machined with 3/8" dovetails to accept the globe). All of the total mods with mine and the previous owners modifications are as follows:

Crosman 24" barrel
Crosman steel breech
Mac1 bolt with extended probe and urethane o-ring
Williams Peep sight with .050" aperture
Lyman match globe sight
Polished aluminum muzzle brake with 3/8" dovetails by Larry Rollins
Polished aluminum power adjuster by Art Braden
Crosman shoulder stock
Custom aluminum trigger shoe
SKS cheek rest
Ernie's trigger spring

Internal mods:

Skylar's HDD(hammer debounce device)
Angled and polished exhaust valve port
Poly tubing transfer port with enlarged exhaust port and barrel intake
Lighter valve spring

I haven't chronied this gun since adding the power adjuster. Before then it was making 590FPS and 11.29 FPE with Beeman FTS 14.6gr. Very accurate shooter and shoots real hard. I am hoping to make a bit more power with the adjuster installed. I can get about 30 full power shots on a powerlet with Skylar's HDD installed. I should be able to get more than that if I turn down the power with the adjuster(nice for plinking at closeup targets).

My lightly modded 1377

Here is a photo of my lightly modded 1377. The only things I have done thus far on this gun are:

Camoflauge laminate grips and pumper by Rick Andres
Crosman 459MT barrel mounts
Crosman 4x32 scope
Ernie's trigger spring

Everything else on this pistol is bone stock. Shoots accurately and looks nice. Lot's of stuff to come on this gun in the near future. I will most likely get rid of the cheap scope and add a Williams notch blade sight and add a custom front sight as well. I will add a Crosman steel breech to it as well. Stay tuned for more...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here is my modded Crosman 1322

This one has quite a few modifications done to it. It started out as a stock 1377c(phase 3), since then I have done the following to it:

14" Crosman .22 cal barrel prepped and crowned by Tim McMurray at Mac1 Airguns
RJ Machine steel breech(long) by Robert Jones
RJ Machine .22 cal bolt with extended probe and large handle by Robert Jones
RBGrips Maple Target style grips with Maple super pumper forearm by Ralph Brown
Polished brass 3 slot muzzle brake by Art Braden
BSA 30mm Red Dot Sight model#RD22SB
Crosman custom black trigger shoe
Ernie's trigger spring by Ernie Fuentes
Barrel band modifications done by me with a dremel

Shoots very accurately and hard at about Av. 481.9 FPS FPE: 7.53 on 10 pumps using Beeman FTS 14.6gr. That's with no internal mods whatsoever. I could get a lot more power from her with some valve and port modifications. But at the distance I shoot (15 meters) there really isn't much need to do so at the time.

Welcome to my blog!

I wanted to create a place to talk about and show off some of the mods I have done to my Crosman airguns and the mods that I will do in the future. I hope you enjoy the photos and some of the knowledge I will share with you here.