Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here is my modded Crosman 1322

This one has quite a few modifications done to it. It started out as a stock 1377c(phase 3), since then I have done the following to it:

14" Crosman .22 cal barrel prepped and crowned by Tim McMurray at Mac1 Airguns
RJ Machine steel breech(long) by Robert Jones
RJ Machine .22 cal bolt with extended probe and large handle by Robert Jones
RBGrips Maple Target style grips with Maple super pumper forearm by Ralph Brown
Polished brass 3 slot muzzle brake by Art Braden
BSA 30mm Red Dot Sight model#RD22SB
Crosman custom black trigger shoe
Ernie's trigger spring by Ernie Fuentes
Barrel band modifications done by me with a dremel

Shoots very accurately and hard at about Av. 481.9 FPS FPE: 7.53 on 10 pumps using Beeman FTS 14.6gr. That's with no internal mods whatsoever. I could get a lot more power from her with some valve and port modifications. But at the distance I shoot (15 meters) there really isn't much need to do so at the time.

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