Friday, May 11, 2007

My Crosman 2240(poor man's match rifle)

I purchased this gun from a classified ad earlier this year and have done some mods to it since then. When I received it it had bone stock internals, a 24" barrel and a Crosman steel breech. It also came with the Williams peep sight and the Lyman globe front sight and custom muzzle brake(machined with 3/8" dovetails to accept the globe). All of the total mods with mine and the previous owners modifications are as follows:

Crosman 24" barrel
Crosman steel breech
Mac1 bolt with extended probe and urethane o-ring
Williams Peep sight with .050" aperture
Lyman match globe sight
Polished aluminum muzzle brake with 3/8" dovetails by Larry Rollins
Polished aluminum power adjuster by Art Braden
Crosman shoulder stock
Custom aluminum trigger shoe
SKS cheek rest
Ernie's trigger spring

Internal mods:

Skylar's HDD(hammer debounce device)
Angled and polished exhaust valve port
Poly tubing transfer port with enlarged exhaust port and barrel intake
Lighter valve spring

I haven't chronied this gun since adding the power adjuster. Before then it was making 590FPS and 11.29 FPE with Beeman FTS 14.6gr. Very accurate shooter and shoots real hard. I am hoping to make a bit more power with the adjuster installed. I can get about 30 full power shots on a powerlet with Skylar's HDD installed. I should be able to get more than that if I turn down the power with the adjuster(nice for plinking at closeup targets).


  1. did you have to do any adjustments with installing the HDD?



  2. Not at all, the only thing there is to adjust is the hammer spring tension if you have an adjuster installed.

  3. I was wondering how you learned how to install all of these mods? I recentley purchased (it is still in the mail) a custom crosman 2240 with extended barrel, steel breech, black muzzle, and a few other upgrades. I was wondering if you could help me, i need to know how to install a power adjuster, adjust the trigger, install a hdd and a few other things. Please email me at asap.

  4. Josh,

    I learned every bit of it just by reading, asking questions on the forums and reading some more. Then you just gotta get your hands dirty and put the knowledge to work for you. Everything you want to know about modding any of the guns on my blog is all on the Crosman Airgun Forum. It's really a lot of fun to mod these guns and learn new things along the way.

    Good luck to you!

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