Friday, May 11, 2007

Here is my favorite gun my Crosman 1377 Carbine

This was the first airgun I purchased and modified. It started as a stock 1377c(phase 3). I have done a lot of mods to this gun and I absolutely love the way it looks and shoots. Here is a list of the modifications I have done to date:

16" Crosman .177 cal barrel prepped and crowned by Tim McMurray at Mac1 Airguns
RJ Machine steel breech milled with cutouts for open sights by Robert Jones
RJ Machine .177 cal bolt with extended probe and large handle by Robert Jones
RBGrips Walnut Replacement style grips with Walnut super pumper forearm by Ralph Brown
Carbon fiber muzzle brake by Larry Rollins
Custom aluminum wire frame stock by Gil Irvin
Leapers 'Bugbuster 2' 6x32AO mildot scope with dual illuminated reticle(red or green)
Accushot medium profile scope mounts
Crosman custom black trigger shoe
Ernie's trigger spring by Ernie Fuentes
Barrel band modifications done by me with a dremel

I get about 610 FPS and 5.76 FPE with RWS Diabolo Basic 7.0gr on 10 pumps. There are no internal mods to this gun so there is a lot of room for improvement in the power department. I am mostly interested in accuracy at fairly short distances with this gun though. I may do some power mods to it one day such as some valve mods and a flat top adjustable piston. Right now I am perfectly happy with it's performance though. I believe this is my most accurate gun by far.


  1. Your guns looks great.

    Interesting how did you glue that stock to the tube. I wantp to do somethig simmilar - I want to stick an M4 stock to my 2289 and use the origina pistol grip.

  2. It is not glued on at all. It is machined, drilled and tapped to 8-32 to replace the end cap that comes stock on the gun. It is held very securely in place by the rear grip frame screw and the rear breech screw. It was made for me by Gil Irvin. He can be reached at

    Thanks for checking out my guns!

  3. I'm new to all this, just having got a 1377... and as I'm looking at your gun, which is something I'd like my gun to end up looking like, can you please tell me what 'carbine' means in relation to air guns??



  4. Hi Eddie,

    A 'carbine' is nothing more than a more compact version of a long rifle. In airguns and firearms it relates to the same thing. Carbines typically have shorter barrels than their long rifle counterparts and sometimes more compact stocks as well.

    Hope this answers your question. Thank you for visiting my site and check back often for updates.

  5. hi zoned, did you get the barrel also from Mac1 Airguns? How much did it cost? looks sweet.

  6. Hello Kyle,

    Yes, the barrel was purchased from Mac1 and he cut it down to 16" prepped the breech and recrowned it. I think all total it cost me $20-25 for the barrel and labor.

  7. Hi Im interested in these mods fot this gun. can you tell me how much it ran you total and who i need to contact? can you do it?

  8. Brian,

    All of these mods were done by me and can easily be done by anyone with a basic set of tools. To mod my 1377 to the way it is now cost me around $200. Here is a great resource to find out more about modding these Crosmans.

    Most of the custom parts I have used to mod my gun are listed in the post and the links to the retailers are on the left hand side of my blog.

    Hope this helps!


  9. Zoned

    How is Gil's wire stock compared to Crosman's 1399 stock? Are there any disadvantages to it?

    Thank you


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