Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Organization of Ammo

Here is how I like to organize my ammo for my bench shooting and testing of pellets. I found that using these segmented compartments works really well for easy identification of the ammo. It's nice also, since you have many types of pellets right at your fingertips and you can use whatever you like, without having to open up a bunch of different tins at once. They work well for storage also. Right now I have a box for .177 cal and a box for .22 cal. I picked them up at Big 5 Sporting Goods for $1.99 each in the tackle section. They are pretty sturdy for plastic containers, so no worry about them falling apart on me. I started off with only two of them to see how they worked out. Since I like them, I plan on getting a couple more so when I have more of a variety of pellets on hand I can have all of them sorted in these containers. Really handy IMO.

All of the pellets in these containers have been lubed with Krytech paraffin based lubricant using the towel method as described on Mac1's website. They keep my barrels nice and clean and when I need to clean them(rarely), all I have to do is run dry patches through. Helps a tad with velocity and accuracy, although this is disputed by some folks. I know that lubed pellets don't work as well in springers but since all of my current airguns are pumpers or CO2 I feel this is the way to go.

.177 cal pellets:

.22 cal pellets:

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  1. real smart I like your Idea im ben thinking how to organize my pellet gun ammo cuz carrying tins of tins in a reg ammo box doesn't look to professional Im ganno try and make the same thing with custom dividers so I can keep the tins......ed