Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Started the modifications on my 2240

Today I had an opportunity to work on my 2240 for a bit. I started on the mods I talked about in my previous blog post and got a couple of them done. I installed a 12 gram Boss high performance valve and I swapped the 24" .22cal barrel for a 14" .22cal barrel. Now it's ready for the custom polished aluminum shroud from A.C. and a new scope! I will probably order the scope and shroud within the next couple of days and install them soon after they arrive. Then it's on to accuracy testing and some chrony numbers. The shot count won't be great with the Boss valve but I do have an HDD installed that will help offset some of the wasted gas. It should make for a nice compact hunter with a little bit of punch to it. I know it will look nice as well with all the custom bits and pieces I have on the gun. I'll take some new photos and post them once I have it all together.

Stay tuned for more...

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