Friday, April 16, 2010

You want performance? You got it!

Being that my home range is of limited distance(15 meters), when building my custom 13XXs I was never that concerned with how fast my gun was shooting. I figured if I could hit anything within my range accurately, that was more important. Because of that, I saved the power mods on my guns as the last thing that I would ever do to them. I finally have them where I want them cosmetically so now it's time to up the power!

I placed an order with Alejandro at A.C. Custom Parts for 3 aluminum flat top adjustable pistons, 3 aluminum flat top power modded valves, 3 power hammer springs with guides and a polished brass goody that will be coming separately. Everything came today and of course, I was like a kid on Christmas. Alejandro's machine work looks excellent upon inspection. I am excited to get these installed and see what my guns will put out with the upgrade. I will be posting some before and after chrony numbers for all you guys out there into the performance mods so stay tuned.

Thank you Alejandro!

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