Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A bit of nostalgia(for me)

A short while ago, a very nice gentleman on the Kitching's Yellow Airgun Forum had offered for free, a 1980's variant of a Crosman 760 multi pump BB/pellet rifle. This caught my eye immediately as I had always wanted to get a 760 for my collection. This gun has always held a special place in my heart ever since my friends and I would shoot one almost everyday out in the field behind our property. I had never owned one myself as it was my friends gun. He would bring it out all the time and let us shoot it whenever we felt like it. It's pretty much the first rifle I learned to shoot with when I was about 9 years old. I swear we shot that gun so much we wore the thing out. Our favorite targets were Pecans that fell off the trees that were pretty much everywhere, cans and bottles, birds and whatever else we could find to shoot at. Later I had purchased my first airgun, a Daisy 188 single stroke BB pistol that I almost put my eye out with on the first day. It's a wonder that I am still on this earth with all the stupid stuff I did as a kid, but I digress. When this gun was offered up I jumped on the opportunity to own one of these myself. The gentleman that sent it to me recently had it resealed, so it was ready to shoot strong for years to come. The gun is in excellent condition and was obviously well taken care of. There are no cracks, missing parts or rust anywhere to be found on the gun. It really brought back some fond childhood memories when I got to hold one of these in my hands again. It's not my most expensive gun or my nicest gun nor is it my best shooter, but it definitely means more to me for sentimental reasons than most of the guns I own. Thank you Gerald for giving me the opportunity to own a little piece of my past once again. I owe you my friend.

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  1. A good gun, shaped like a Winchester rifle in cowboy movie, I like this model, but unfortunately hard to find in Indonesia