Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A new custom part for my 2240

I just received this nice new custom machined barrel band made by Greg Schutte at Blue Fork Design. I think it's a nice cosmetic upgrade for my 2240 match rifle. It is machined from aluminum and anodized black. This thing sure is a lot nicer than the painted, cast pot metal band that comes on the stock 2240!

Nice work Greg, thanks again.


  1. Hello from sunny Greece!!!! i also have a 2240 and i used a modified band from a qb87!! now i want to convert my 1760 to a pcp any ideas???

  2. Hi jd,

    There is TONS of useful information on modding Crosmans on this forum I have never modded one to a PCP but it can be done.

    Check it out and do some searches. You will find what you need, if you don't you can always ask questions.

    Thanks for visiting!