Monday, June 9, 2008

Here are some up to date photos of my guns

It's been a while since I have posted any updated photos of some of the changes I have made to my guns. Here are some photos I have just taken to show you some of the changes.

I took the Walnut RB grips and pumper from my 1377 carbine and put them on my 1377 pistol, then I took the set of camo grips and pumper from Rick Andres and put them on my 1377 carbine. I like the looks of this setup better and it is also more practical for my shooting needs.

A little while back I ordered an aluminum and stainless bolt handle from Roy at MountainAir for my 2240. It goes perfectly with the rest of the aluminum accent pieces I have put on the gun thus far. Much nicer than the stock Crosman bolt handle. I have a chrome trigger shoe to add as well to get rid of the blue one that came on the gun when I bought it. Notice you can see the installed HDD in the picture.

The 1377 is going to receive a new LPA mim sight from Crosman. I am just waiting for them to ship it to me(been 2 weeks). I sold the Williams Notch Blade sight I bought since it didn't work well at all with the stock front sight post. This new LPA mim should be just the ticket!

There have been no changes done as of late to my 1322 or Quest. I did purchase a stainless steel spring tensioner from Grant in NZ, but I haven't decided which gun to put it on yet.

Currently I am building myself a custom 2250 that will have a VERY nice breech, a 24" barrel with carbon fiber shroud, a power adjuster and a 12 gram Boss valve with the cap bored out for larger volume. I will probably add an HDD to it to help with excess CO2 waste. I still haven't decided on the type of stock setup I want to use yet. Once I have her all put together I will post some photos and some chrony strings and groups. This one is going to be real nice I think.

Until next time, be safe and happy shooting!


  1. cool!
    but carbine 1377 looks like rainbow :)
    can you show more photos of butt for this device?

  2. Where can I get these mods? stock, steel receiver, replacement wood, etc.


  3. If you look at the left hand side of main page, you will see a long list of links. In that list of links are quite a few of the people I have purchased those after market parts from.

    The wire stock on my carbine was made by Gil Irvin Jr. and they are no longer being made. The breeches and wood grips are still available.

  4. Yes, Joe at MuzzleMack makes wire stocks now.