Monday, August 11, 2008

My Custom Crosman 2250

Well, here it is finally in it's completed form and ready to provide many years of fun. I hope you all like the photos and the info about this gun.


24" .22cal barrel, polished lead in and recrowned by Tim@MAC1 Airguns
12gram Boss valve with end cap bored out for extra volume by Tim Miller
Long steel breech, stainless steel bolt with extended probe and handle by Grant Stace
Polished brass extra wide barrel band by Grant Stace
Polished brass rear sight by Grant Stace
Polished brass wide trigger by Grant Stace
Stainless steel sear spring adjuster by Grant Stace
Polished brass CO2 end cap by Art Braden
Polished brass power adjuster by Art Braden
6" Ultra Black LDC by Mike Tiehen
Hammer spring guide by Roy Weid@Mountain Air
Centerpoint 3-9X44mm AO mildot scope and rings
SKS cheek riser from

I finally had an opportunity to shoot it for the first time today since it is finally all together, I was extremely pleased with the results. I haven't even done the poly transfer mod to it and I am getting 675-680FPS using 14.3gr CPs with the adjuster all the way in. With the adjuster turned down I get about 625FPS using 14.3gr CPs. I shot a couple of 21.1gr Beeman Kodiaks at about 570FPS. 14.6gr Beeman FTS were doing about 650FPS with max power. I imagine the poly transfer port mod will put me above the 700FPS mark with 14.3gr CPs on max power. Shot count on max power setting was about 15-17 shots, with it turned down I can get over 20.

Accuracy is excellent, I am printing about 1/2" at 20 yards without really trying too hard. I didn't take any pics of groups yet, but I will in upcoming days.

Next things to do will be a HDD for higher shot count and maybe the poly transfer port mod. Really, 680FPS is more than enough power for my range of shooting, so I may not do it. But I would like more shots though, so the HDD is a must.

This gun is definitely my favorite shooter so far. It's accurate, powerful and looks great(IMHO). I am going to have a very good time shooting this gun for many years. Thank you to all of the guys(Grant Stace, Tim McMurray, Art Braden, Roy Weid) that make the incredible parts that allow me to build such a fine gun. I couldn't do it without you guys.

Here are some photos of the completed gun in various configurations(open sights and scoped with the LDC). Also there are some shots of the chrony numbers I was getting.

Hope you enjoy, I know I do!

Happy shooting!

In it's scoped configuration:

Here it is in it's open sight configuration:

Here are the first 6 shots through the chrony with a brand new CO2 cartridge shooting 14.3gr CPs at max power:

The 7th shot I put a 21.1gr Beeman Kodiak through it at max power:

Not too shabby! :)


  1. Awesome!

    How much did all the parts cost you and how difficult was it to put everything together? Thanks

  2. The gun is very easy to put together, all you need is some basic hand tools. I ran into no snags at all.

    I guess I spent somewhere between $350-450, not including the scope and rings.

  3. Holy crap!! That much on parts? I like the mods you did to yours and think it is the best I have seen around the net. However, if I were to spend that much money on an air gun, I think I would be much better off with a PCP that gets higher FPS right out of the box. Anyways, I am looking to have the same kind of barrel as yours but my goal is to achieve a minimum of 600 FPS. Could you post some links to the websites from which you purchased your parts from and provide a few pointers to modding this gun? Thanks A Lot!

  4. That does include the base gun you know, not just the parts. ;)

    I can go buy a gun out of a box as well, but I wouldn't have had 1/2 as much fun since I couldn't mod it and make it the way I envisioned it. Also I wasn't looking for a high powered PCP, for what, shooting 15 yards in my backyard? I didn't need the power or the noise. People should buy guns that fit their application, which this one does for me to a "T".

    Almost all of the people I bought parts from are listed on my blog main page. Their is a TON of info on modding these guns available on the Crosman forum(green), the link is also on my blog main page.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Makun, half of that crap is for looks. If you just want the perfornce, it will cost half as much. By the way, Chris, when you tuned your Quest, did you use the bench method with a screwdriver? Or did you use a spring compressor? Thanks.

  6. Also, do you know where I can buy the GTX trigger, cant find it on BigEd.

  7. You can get if from the maker: I bought one for my gamo, the results are amazing!!

  8. Thats the GRT, not gtx. The latter is half the price and adjustable.

  9. You don't need a spring compressor for a Quest, I just used a work bench and my body to decompress the spring. There isn't that much preload on the stock Quest spring.

    I got my GTX back when Skyler was selling them. Now I think BigEd is the only one that sells/makes it.

  10. I recently purchased a qb 57 from archer air and would like to change the main spring. The factory specs say that it shoots 480 fps, but I read a forum of someone moding that spring onto a gamo of same length and width increasing the fps from 480 to the low 600fps. I would like to know if anyone out there has the qb57 and if it's possible to do this mod?

    I would like to start it. I don't have a chrony, But using everyones previous blogs on mods, with stocks, valves,and piston mods I modified my crosman 1377 with a barrel weld removing the plastic spacer. I also custom painted it military green with extended croaman stock. Thank you to all the plickers and thinkers whom have moded there babys. I'll have picks of the 1377 by the end of the week.


  11. The BOSS Repeater Breech has apparently been you know of any alternatives?

    I just ordered a Crosman 2240, and shall be getting the 2250 conversion kit, shortly. The reason for all of this is that we now have RATS in Calgary. :@ I want to kill them, without putting holes in my garage and garden shed.

    Also, are there Pb-free pellets that work well in this gun? I don't want to get lead poisoning from eating my garden veggies.

  12. For uder $100, you could of ordered a custom made 2550 which they call the 2300 on in there custom shop. It comes with a metal receiver and a strong bolt. I ordered one a few months ago and been very thrilled with it. With one shot, I nailed a crow up a tree 90 yards away up a tree with a .22 crosman hollow point. It instantly killed it. I don't believe that you will get lead poisoning from shooting pest in the garden however they do sell synthetic pellets. sells them in .17 and .22. They work well in close range. Keep in mind that rats and mice have poor vision at night and keep to the corners and the walls in low light levels. Good luck and happy rodent shooting.

  13. I like it very much!