Saturday, April 9, 2011

Here's a cool little bit to add to your Quest, Mac1 Airgun's Brass Screw Cups

A while back I bought a couple sets of Mac1 Airgun's brass screw cups for my Crosman Quest and Beeman R9. I got them, thinking they would add a nice bit of brass accent to my rifles since they have some other brass bits already. For the $10 it costs per set, which includes everything you see in the package(2 brass screw cups, 2 short allen head bolts, 2 longer allen head bolts, 2 locking washers and an allen wrench), I though they were worth the price. They will fit many HW/Beeman/Chinese clone guns, but I do not have a complete list of exactly which guns they fit. I am positive they work in an R9/HW95/B26 and guns that use the same size front action screws as those do.

I decided to install them on my Quest first since it's a less expensive rifle and if anything went wrong I wouldn't be too upset about it. Tim explained to me how to use the 2 different sets of screws when installing them, although there are instructions included in the package. It was a piece of cake and I had no issues whatsoever with the install. First, remove the stock forward action screw from the gun and place the brass screw cup in the hole where the OEM screw was. Next, use the longer set of screws to draw the screw cup into the forearm of the stock by tightening the screw. Once the screw cup is seated you can remove the longer screw you used to draw the cup in. All that is left is to place the locking washer on one of the short screws and screw it into the screw cup and action until snug. Repeat this for the other side of the gun and then make sure to check the cocking action of your gun to ensure that the screws are not binding the cocking arm or action at all. If you find you have some contact in that area that is preventing the gun from cocking smoothly, you may need to remove a tiny bit of length from the screw to fix it. This wasn't an issue with my gun at all and everything worked smoothly with the screws included in the set.

I think they look nice on my gun and with them installed I find that those screws will stay put even after many rounds through the gun. The locking washers do their job and it makes sure that the action is very secure in the stock. Thanks for making these Tim, they work great!

Now I need to install them in my R9! :)

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  1. Properly-lubricated metal washers would last much longer than soft synthetic ones. Even better would be to design an action fork that doesn’t need washers. It would be cheaper to build and there would be two less parts to keep track of.