Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Air Arms TX200 Mk3

I was lucky enough recently to get my hands on one of these fine rifles in a trade for one of my custom Crosman's. The rifle I am referring to is the Air Arms TX200 Mk3.

The gun I received was a barely used specimen(25 shots through it) and I would rate it at 99% overall condition. She shoots smooth and hard and spits out JSB Exacts 8.4gr(4.52mm) at a healthy 920FPS. The accuracy of these rifles is legendary, although I really need to get out to a range where I can use it at it's full potential. Stacking pellets on top of each other all day long at 15 yards is way too easy with this gun. I can now see why so many guys have won FT matches with them.

The trigger is phenomenal in every way. It's light, and breaks clean just like glass with very little over travel, if any. Very sweet just the way it came, I didn't even feel the need to adjust it.

The cocking effort is fairly stout but really smooth. I could see if you had shoulder or elbow problems that this gun may not be for you. I am able to cock the gun fairly easily, but my shoulder and elbow are healthy. It doesn't seem to bother most owners though. I found loading pretty easy as well. I have heard complaints of it being difficult to load but I didn't think so. I also didn't mind the anti bear trap release that you have to hold down to reset the lever to it's ready position. Not a big deal either. I liked the automatic safety feature, that is nice to have and you get used to clicking it before firing.

I was quite pleased to find out how quiet they really are. For a gun that is in this power range, it is very quiet IMHO, a pleasant surprise! My neighbors will be thankful lol.

The overall fit and finish of the rifle is impeccable. I have never owned such a beautiful and well made rifle up until now. The bluing is deep, dark and so highly polished it's like a mirror. The factory beech stock that mine came with is absolutely gorgeous, with intricate fish scale checkering on the grip and forearm. There is even a beautiful grip cap added for a touch of class. Nice stain and finish as well. Considering that this is a factory beech stock, I was very impressed with it. I am still interested in obtaining a walnut factory stock though, from the photos I've seen they are even nicer.

Here's a few photos of my new toy.

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