Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Beeman R7

I got this gun in stock form from a nice gentleman on the Yellow Forum Classifieds. It came with an upgraded set of fiber optic open sites that were quite nice, but I had other plans for this little beauty.

First thing I did was to mount a Centerpoint 3-9X40mm scope using an Accushot one piece medium scope mount. I later added a bubble level as well to help with rifle cant. Let me tell you, everything they say about these fine rifles is true. They stack pellets in one hole over and over again, at anything less than 30 yards. This springer rifle is almost boring to shoot, it's that accurate. The famous Rekord trigger that Beeman/HW are known for, makes this rifle's trigger a dream to use. Very light, smooth and short first stage with just the slightest 'bump' then any additional pressure and it breaks like a glass rod. It was set so light by the gentleman that sold it to me, it's almost scary to shoot, but I like it that way. I took it through it's paces and shot target after target and hit everything I aimed at. Just a bunch of tiny little ragged holes where I shot anywhere from 5-10 pellets through. This gun loves JSB Exacts in 8.4gr 4.52mm the best, I haven't found another pellet it likes as well as them. I just love everything about it, it's looks, it's very easy cocking stroke, it's accuracy, it's trigger and I could just go on and on about it. I would recommend this rifle to ANY first time springer user because it will make a believer out of you that springers can be gentle, smooth and accurate to shoot. If you've never tried one, it's a must. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. If you don't have one in your collection, you are missing the boat.

Over the next several months I added some custom upgrades to it as you can see. These upgrades include an engraved aluminum trigger guard by GinB, a MuzzleMack brake by Joe McAllister and a rear site cover plate by Tim Einck. I think they give the gun a touch of class and make my shooting experience even that much more enjoyable. She sure is pretty to look at now, don't you agree? I'm one happy camper indeed.

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  1. I got the same gun big beeman fan!! best 10 metter brake barrel air rifle I ever seen or fired...I got two one in 177 cal and one 20cal. 20 cals my fav 1/8 groups 20 meters 5 shots all day congrats on the beeman... Ed from tactical arms