Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Beeman R9 Double Gold

I picked this beauty up from the classifieds, the Beeman R9 Double Gold. I think it's a terrific looking gun overall with excellent bluing on the metal and a nice dark hardwood stock with checkering on the grip and forearm. The Double Gold package means it comes with a gold trigger and adjust screw, a nice looking muzzle brake to use as a cocking handle and a 3-9x32mm scope and mounts(this gun has no open sights). After cleaning the gun with a silcone cloth, I immediately swapped the 3-9x32mm scope that comes on the gun with a Tasco Varmint 2.5-10x42mm and a one piece mount. There, that's better!

I took the gun out back and shot about 50 rounds through it to see how I liked it. It's got a gentle cocking stroke for a rifle of this power. I was easily able to cock it throughout my shooting session without much strain. It's spitting out JSB Exacts 8.4gr(4.52mm) at around 840 FPS, which means she's a healthy specimen which I was glad to see. I sighted in the new scope on paper at 15 yards and shot some nice tiny groups with my new sweetheart. I was impressed with the accuracy and the shot cycle. I didn't notice much "twang" in the rifle as I have heard a few guys complain of. I actually thought it was quite tame considering. The trigger is all everyone says about them and then some. Very nice 2 stage trigger with a nice crisp break, no creep or over travel. Mine came set a tad heavier than I would like but I will adjust it to suit my preferences. I didn't find it to be particularly loud either and as with most springer rifles the majority of the sound comes from the spring and piston. After shooting some groups, I shot at my new Arimo field targets and had an absolute blast with the new gun. This one's a keeper fellas!

I had contacted Hyun Kim on the Yellow forum about purchasing a GinB engraved brass trigger guard for it as it's first "upgrade". I think it looks absolutely beautiful and I am very glad I got it. There are a few photos of the new brass guard below for you guys to check out, along with some photos of the rest of the gun.

All I can say right now is that I am a happy man! I got one more "new gun" to post about coming soon...

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  1. ugh man the gold looks so sweet one of the best brake barel rifles right here I got the same one not with the gold stocks a little different too theres no groves I put the enhanced beeman spring kit in mine and omg what a difference 1502fps with (pba) with 11-14gr lead still up there tighter groups further out with lead ( this gun loves lead ) ed from tactical arms