Monday, October 26, 2009

Crosman Quest 1000 gets some new goodies

I recently got some new accessories for my Crosman Quest 1000. I purchased a full length barrel shroud from Rich from Mich. a few weeks ago. Very nice little add on that I got mostly for looks. It does have another nice feature though, it acts as a very secure cocking handle. Now I have a nice fat grip to pull the barrel down with when cocking the gun. It gives you a little more leverage therefore it is easier to actually pull the barrel into the cocked position. I think it looks pretty good on the rifle myself, kind of gives it that "bull barrel" look. It is a 1" diameter aluminum tube shroud painted with a flat black finish.

I also got a new scope for it. I bought a Tasco 2.5-10x42mm Varmint/Target rifle scope. These are a very good buy for what you get. They are very sturdy scopes that will stand up to the recoil of most magnum powered springers. I was impressed by the scopes clarity and brightness and have been very happy with it thus far. It has a very nice mildot reticule as well and adjustable objective. I mounted it with an unknown maker 1 piece scope mount. It was given to me by a very kind fellow airgunner so I don't know what brand of mount it is. It definitely does the job though.

The rest is just a standard Quest 1000 with the addition of a GTX trigger to give it a nice 2 stage trigger pull. I got a pretty good gun out of the box, its accurate and not twangy or harsh at all. The worst thing about it was the stock trigger which was the first thing I replaced. Overall I am pleased with this setup and I think it looks and shoots great. Nice guns for the money IMHO. I didn't expect much for a $100 gun but I have been impressed for sure. Here is what it looks like in it's current configuration.

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  1. Very nice set-up! I also have a rem vantage(same gun), mine has a darker stock. I reworked the original trigger on it. installed a custom ground/filed brass insert I had in the garage. Shortened the pull of stage 1 dramatically while also making definite distinctions to the two stages. Awesome trigger now. Love the tasco on yours. Barrel is gorgeous too. Great job! Happy shootin, Fellow shooter, Mike