Thursday, October 29, 2009

New spinner target

The buffalo spinner target I won last week came today. Very nice target, I am really having fun with it. The Pellet Head forum had a giveaway last week on their site and I was lucky enough to win. They were giving away a Noteworthy Targets buffalo spinner airgun target.

I opened it up and took it to the backyard right away to get some plinking time in. It's quite sturdy and should last a long time considering that none of my guns are over 14 ft lbs. I used my 1740 "Raven" target gun for the shooting session. I used RWS Basics at a range of about 12 meters which is all too easy with the size of the target and the gun I'm using. This thing is a blast to shoot at! I shot at it for over an hour and stopped once my CO2 powerlet was empty. I can see myself shooting that target quite often since I had such fun. Much nicer than just shooting at cans and paper all the time!

Thanks go out to Noteworthy Targets for providing the target in the giveaway. Also thank you to Tom Krein and the guys over at Pellet Head Network. I will definitely get some use out of it guys. Here's a couple of quick pics I took of the target before and after plus the gun I used to shoot with.

Happy Shooting!

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